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Welcome to Guy Chapman Art!

I’m a self-taught artist known for my keen attention to detail. In the 1990s, while employed by a record company, I had the privilege of creating portraits for some renowned musicians. Fast forward to 2016, I made the leap to becoming a full-time artist after a career transition due to redundancy.

The core of my artistic vision revolves around igniting the imagination through the creation of visual narratives that speak to each viewer individually—a “story without words” awaiting personal interpretation. I’m drawn to unconventional and whimsical concepts, fantastical realms, and the allure of steampunk aesthetics—anything that taps into the boundless realms our minds can conjure.

In April 2024 I was successful in obtaining formal membership at Associate level to the old and prestigious Royal Birmingham Society of Artists (RBSA), an important professional achievement. I am also a full member of the The Cotswold Craftsmen, a professional guild, as well as the Leamington Studio Artists (LSA).

So if you’re looking for something a little different for a special person, have a meander through these pages and see what you can find!

Enjoy your time looking!



Note: All images are copyrighted by Guy A Chapman under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and are permanently retained by Guy A Chapman unless specifically sold to a buyer. Please be nice and do NOT copy my work or use it for any reason whatsoever without written permission.