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So it's 2020 ... what now

It’s part way through January 2020 already … tempus fugit! This is also my first ever blog.

So, I have high hopes for 2020. Twenty twenty - it looks and sounds good. “Good” is a good thing, so let’s be positive and state 2020 is going to be a good year!

What are my hopes and plans then … well I’m booked for Warwickshire Open Studios this year, happening at the end of June (I hope it’s going to be super warm this year) (it helps everyone feel cheerier) and a month or so later I am off to Olympia for the London Film and Comic Convention. Kay (my ever-supportive wife) and I were there last year and I did quite well; I really enjoyed the buzz and met a whole bunch of amazing people, many dressed as who knows what from all kinds of comics and fantasy film worlds as well as a few other artists I have kept loosely in touch with (known on Instagram as subarboreworkshop and spydi_mel) (hi you two, you’ll prob never read this but still). I had a real blast there in 2019 so thought I’d see how this year goes … maybe the lady who spoke to me about needing an artist to draw a pirate ship for her “vampirates” book will come back and carry that conversation on …

But my biggest dream is just being discovered and believed in by someone of influence who can help me get somewhere. The feeling of being appreciated is very powerful and humbling, I get many kind and well-meaning comments from buyers and I do not underestimate their words and sentiments. At my age I feel I should be more than this, but like every seed planted in the farmer’s field I cannot grow overnight (unless you have a magic bean of course) and this will be my fourth year now as a full time artist.

I’ll also be applying for another exhibiting opportunity with the Society of Graphic Fine Art to be run later this year in London, as I would like to become a member of that prestigious body.

Beyond that, I remain as ever was, a creative dreamer hoping for great things. My prep school teachers were right .. I was a day dreamer and still am; artists day dream, it’s what we do! So they got it half right … not that I was lazy, I just was using the biggest asset I have that sits between my ears :-) (No, not cotton wool…)

If you read this far, I am blessed you were interested enough.

May 2020 be everything you want it to be for you.

Guy Jan 2020

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