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Delta 1

Delta 1

“At an undisclosed point beyond the Helix Nebula (NGC 7293) sits HEV Delta 1 (Human Exploration Vessel - part of the United Earth Federation fleet). Delta 1 is described by its manufacturer (Fortuna HEX Inc.) as a “civilian exploration-class inhabitation module”, designed to travel through space to seek other planets to colonise or even create new ones.

These truly colossal “CEKIM” vessels differ in size but all exceed a mean radius of 1500 miles and have an enlisted crew of 9500 personnel, with room for up to a further 250,000 people and internal farm domes for self-sufficient mega-term exploration. Defences include the new and lethal Zepha Swarm-class AI fighter drones, “Bombadier” class cruiser AVs, an intricate electronic defence array and many other classified assets.”

The original artwork has an “Anjou” wooden frame which is dark metallic in looks with a lightly brushed bronze element that perfectly compliments the picture, double-mounted in white and charcoal grey behind museum-quality art glass. There is a coloured logo set within the mount unique to this design series. There are also 25 Special Edition prints, identically framed with art glass and mounted.

Limited Edition prints have been produced in the following sizes:
A3 - 100 prints

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

The original A3 artwork is available for sale - contact me for details.

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