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Genesis’ concept was of a huge space craft, one of many actually, floating through space colonising suitable planets. Each one is tethered to at least one other and they are supposed to be UFO-shaped cities on steroids but that’s just my own concept, yours could well be much different. This spacecraft has many fun but subtle Area 51, NASA and even space invader-related numbers and symbols drawn into it…

Prints are A2 width … 60cm x 30cm limited to 40.

Note - the original artwork is going to be shown in the RBSA gallery, Birmingham, around April time and will be available to buy during or after that time but not before. Image size is 120cm wide by 53cm deep (47 in x 21 in).

Limited Edition prints have been produced in the following sizes:
A2 - 40 prints

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

The original A1 artwork is available for sale - contact me for details.

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