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Rainbow Hamlet

Rainbow Hamlet

Hidden about two miles West beyond Old Butterweave is a secluded valley, off which is a particularly large and overgrown copse. Situated here, in the very centre, is rumoured to be Rainbow Hamlet. Home to Faeries, Elfin, Myrids and other mystical races of “Netherfolk” this brightly-coloured dwelling reflects the joy and creative spirit of the woods. Do tread carefully if you’re close by … and leave a little bit of chocolate for them! Many hidden details lie within this picture … you’ll need your magnifying glass to hunt them down!

NOTE: A4 artwork is posted flat in a card-backed A4 envelope, all others are rolled in a tube for added protection in transit.

Limited Edition prints have been produced in the following sizes:
A4 - 250 prints
A3 - 100 prints

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

The original A3 artwork is available for sale - contact me for details.

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