Guy Chapman Art
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Designed to be an uplifting picture, bright and cheerful, in the style of a stained glass church window. In fact the sun is representative of God with His light, warmth, love and grace pouring onto the world. But it can be interpreted as you like of course, and ultimately I wanted to create a bright and warming picture that could be used to give someone who is sick, even bereaved, or for any reason where a colourful image could be used to bring joy or love to someone.

Card purchases: Individual cards are normally £2.50 each, or 5 for the price of 4 plus £1.40 p&p (total £11.40). If you want 5 different designs please email me with the details, there is no web option yet to accommodate this - sorry!

Prints are available in the following sizes:
A4 - Open Edition

Each print is signed by the artist.

Also available as cards (pack of 5).

The original A4 artwork is available for sale - contact me for details.

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