Guy Chapman Art
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What started off as a very simple idea turned into something a little more adventurous! If I could have a tree house, this is the kind of thing I’d aim for … can you find all the hidden things? PS don’t ask me where a lot of these are, I forget myself!

Card purchases: Individual cards are normally £2.50 each, or 5 for the price of 4 plus £1.40 p&p (total £11.40). If you want 5 different designs please email me with the details, there is no web option yet to accommodate this - sorry!

Limited Edition prints have been produced in the following sizes:
A4 - 150 prints
A3 - 175 prints

Each print is signed and numbered by the artist.

Also available as cards (pack of 5).

The original A4 artwork has been sold.

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