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Designed for Christmas, this is a wreath of holly and an olive branch with a little robin and red ribbon.

Actually it is designed around Jesus. With the phrase “Jesus is the reason for the season” in mind, I created the wreath with a crown of thorns in mind. The presence of the olive branch has biblical significance and the holly represents the thorns. The little stars represent the “stars in the night sky” (think “away in a manger”) and the red ribbon His robe that was placed around Him by the Roman soldiers. As for the robin well - it’s a seasonal bird and so I included it!

Note: The original is actually an A5 image (I don’t have A5 as an option currently) and since this was designed as a card only, no prints currently exist. You can still order a print, it will be produced as an A4 so you can have it framed as such or reduced to A5. If you order a print please allow me time to get it ordered from my printer as I don’t hold stock.

Card purchases: Individual cards are normally £2.50 each, website offer is 5 for the price of 4 with £1 p&p (total £11). You may mix and match different designs to make a pack of 5 from any design offering cards.

Prints are available in the following sizes:
A4 - Open Edition

Each print is signed by the artist.

Also available as cards (pack of 5).

The original A4 artwork is available for sale - contact me for details.

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