Guy Chapman Art


Some comments from different events!

Love Guy Chapman’s work. Endlessly fascinating to explore.

James G, Deasil Gallery

“Guy’s drawings are truly unique and individual with a definite eye for details”

Liz Galloway

“If I could, I would force Guy to only work with me on my projects, no one else would get a look in. When we are creating ideas, there is so much energy and fantastic results . He is such a talent.”

Berni Albrighton, Author

“Guy Chapman was very enthusiastic and engaging as he talked through his work. I admire the intricacy of the castle scenes and could spend hours looking into the pictures, allowing my imagination to run wild. Keep up the good work!”

Michael Moreton-Smith, Open Studios

“Fascinating! Painstaking work, multi-layered, draws the viewer in. The more you look the more you find. Excellent stuff”

Bruce Chatterton, Open Studios

“Incredible detail, could easily spend hours with each one!”

C Evans, Open Studios
Small example of Guy's work